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Thread: NFL Draft

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    Default NFL Draft

    Justin Blackmon and Branden Weeden are heading to the NFL, Does anybody know if any OU players got drafted, Where is Ryan Bryoles going?

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    No one from OU was expected to go before the late 2nd round, at the most optimistic.

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    I was very happy to see Trent Richardson go to the Browns even though it may have been a little to high IMO (pick no. 3). Cleveland also picked up Brandon Weeden at pick no. 22 so they now have two QB's (Colt McCoy) that I think have bright futures and a well above average RB in Trent Richardson. The Jaguars got a solid player by picking Blackmon at no. 5 which was a little earlier than I thought he would go, but I guess we'll see if it was a smart move by the Jaguars trading up to get him. I wish them all the best of luck and hope for successful career's for all of them.

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