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Thread: KTOK shakeup?

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    The unions were involved in MAPS III because they wanted the city to spend more money on emergency services instead of capital improvements. Shannon's motives were more Tea Party-esque. It was more of a marriage of convenience than principal.

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    I guess now that we don't have to listen to the eggman, KTOK is going to cram Randy Renner down our throats. no pun intended.

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    My dad was let go around 1990 in the same manner as Jerry. It's about money, not talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cat62 View Post
    My dad was let go around 1990 in the same manner as Jerry [Bohnen]. It's about money, not talent.
    I reported news and anchored newscasts for KTOK Radio for nearly seven and a half years. I worked under your dad and/or Jerry Bohnen all of those years. I recall how KTOK dispatched your dad, Cat62.

    I recently learned that KTOK/CCC dumped Jerry. I learned from an absolutely reliable source the disgusting, inhumane way KTOK/Cheap Channel Communications dispatched him. I won't go into details.

    I was in radio for nineteen years. During those years I was either witness to or victim of radio station dismissals. It's never fun to lose a job, but the sudden way KTOK dispatched Jerry, after thirty-three years, turned my stomach.

    Yes, it's not always about talent. Radio is a business - but no one deserves to lose his/her job in the totally undignified, cold, corporate manner your dad and Jerry Bohnen did. I wish Jerry well.

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