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Thread: Wheeler District

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tundra View Post
    Does it bother anyone else, that when you are driving southbound on western you see CKO ?
    With seeing the K & C backwards? No, it doesn't bother me. I've seen a lot worse in my time. Besides, I know what's on Western Avenue; also familiar with the traffic--so KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD.

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    Though the thread itself is much older, the summary at in post one of this thread has been completely updated and is only TWO years old. The info it contains regarding the residential/multi-family/commercial master plan and the wheel/plaza is all very current and true to the present intent of the developer.

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    ahh, I did not know that. Thank you so much!

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    Went to a private soft opening last night.

    This is really a special spot... More so than I think many imagine.

    They have yet to install the mural on the shipping containers but the building to the left of the second photo is where you buy tickets and refreshments. The structure on the right is a semi-enclosed pavilion for picnics and events.

    They are opening to have a soft-opening for the public next week.

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    Very cool. Saw a live feed of someone riding on FB last night. Can't wait to get out there.

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    Absolutely love it! the light show on the wheel is awesome!

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    People were slowing down on the Western bridge to watch the light show.

    Eventually, there will be more elaborate ones synched with music.

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    It looks great but I'm surprised they let kids climb on top of the OKC. That last picture is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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    Reminds me of the "I am Amsterdam" sign. People climb all over the different letters to get a picture.

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    Looking cool so far. But I must say, I am seriously underwhelmed with the size of the ferris wheel. I just assumed it would be quite a bit bigger. That said, I know there is more to this project than the wheel and will likely turn out great.

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    When you are on-site, the Ferris wheel is plenty big.

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    Steve's update which includes a great video and interview with Blair Humphreys.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    BOK Park Plaza will look good from Wheeler District!

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    I took this while doing a cruise on the river boat. If you have a chance, you should definitely check out 'Oklahoma River Cruises'. Our group had a pretty good time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Heard a rumor that a few acres has been donated in this development for a private school.

    Anyone out there know anything ?

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    Since the original vision/planning process, the developer has been very open about a desire to have a school there. The plan that I have always heard is for it to be a charter school - similar to John Rex downtown - that serves both the development itself and the surrounding neighborhood. There was also talk about it being bilingual/dual immersion since so many of the the district's neighbors are Spanish speaking.

    Perhaps land must be placed into some sort of trust to accomplish this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellaboo View Post
    Heard a rumor that a few acres has been donated in this development for a private school.

    Anyone out there know anything ?
    I hope the Wheeler doesn't just bring a suburban mentality to the southside of the river. Instead of becoming part of the local community and contributing to the schools, I hope this doesn't mean people are just going to build their own private schools. This is a lot larger discussion, but I would argue that the number one problem with education in the U.S. is the continued (and, in many areas, increasing) socieconomic and racial segregation in schools.

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    Would suggest you read my post just above yours. I think we were composing at the same time.

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    And FWIW, I think this developer is perhaps the most urban-minded of all in this city. Blair has voiced a strong desire to not only create a great neighborhood, but also to lift up the surrounding ones, which is no small task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urbanized View Post
    Would suggest you read my post just above yours. I think we were composing at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing that... so, why is a charter needed? Why can't the neighborhood school support Wheeler families? What is the problem with the current schools in the area aside from concentrated poverty, which the Wheeler base would begin to address by bringing more SES diversity to the area?

    I would love to see more people with means commit to the neighborhood schools and pour their energy and resources into them. Most people never even try to do so before looking to build some sort of private or alternative school. Here's a great blog post by an Atlanta parent discussing the phenomenon:

    I don't know enough about this area to know so I am honestly asking, but the problem I'm bringing up is widespread...

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    Also heard this school will be a private Christian High school and junior high. I believe they already have a north side and south side system for elementary that will feed this school with over 400 enrollment.

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    Dan, I am not THAT acquainted with advantages/disadvantages of charter vs not. I do know that Kirk Humphreys was deeply involved with the formation of John Rex, and I thinks that is intended to be a model for Wheeler's elementary.

    If I recall, the impetus behind Rex was to create more favorable teacher-tostudent ratio and perhaps to have some more say in teacher selection. The school is not exclusive as far as enrollment; it prioritizes downtown students, which means that the enrollment includes children not only of well-to-do downtown residents but also children from homeless families.

    I believe that Rex's relationship with the OKC public school system is unusually cooperative and closely aligned with OCPS as far as charter schools are concerned. You can read more about it here:

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    It would be interesting to see what percentage of students at John Rex actually live in the Oklahoma City School District.

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