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    When I was in the Blockbuster at SE 15th and Post today, I asked since they were closing, if there was a business taking its place. The guy said he heard rumors that a Johnnies Hamburgers was going in there. I didn't expect him to say that.

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    I was once on an airliner on the way to a "Training Session" heading west to a remote location, involving airplanes (pre-9/11) and guy in the seat next to me shared the fact that he was a "Blockbuster [bigwig]" I was impressed. I liked Blockbuster. I showed him my Blockbuster Rewards Card to show that I meant business. Many years later I discovered Netflix. Hopefully, the next time I fly I will be seated next to the Don's Alley Dude (of Del/MWC) and he can explain to me why their burgers are superior to . . . . . . [insert infinity symbol] . . . =)

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