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    Does anyone have any experience with this business/service? Legit or fraud?

    I recently created an account and has been exploring on their PCH.com website to learn more about what they are (and yes, to hope for a miracle in winning money) and to pass the time completing surveys. So far, I may have ordered two items (I think they bill me later paper form?) from them, which are an air pump/compressor for tires and a set of coins storage with auto counter. It said to pick two of many products, so I did.

    Does anyone really win? I never actually see it on the news of real winners. If I don't win, that's okay, as long their rewards program are legit to rack up points to claim for prizes or whatever.

    Don't say that I'm an idiot and fell for identity theft scam. :-/

    http://www.pch.com/ <<< Create a free account today!!!

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    No, it's not a scam. They've been around a long time. Your chances of winning? Not so great.


    Also, check out the pages of videos on YouTube.

    But as the article above states, don't expect to win. They get millions of entries.

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    Yeah, I'm not expecting to win, but a miracle can happen when ya least expect it. I'm most interested in doing the surveys and racking up the points to claim for whatever goodies they may have. Just another thing to do.

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    FWIW, if they offer something that interests you and you think the price is reasonable, purchase it for that item. You do not have to buy anything, and buying doesn't improve your chances to win. They also have a Search and win search engine. Way smaller prizes but better (though still long) odds.

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    I used to love opening PCH mail when I was a kid and applying the little stamps to the paper...

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