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  • Spaghetti Warehouse building under contract to sell

    After years of neglect and abandonment, the historic building at 101 E. Sheridan, formerly home to Spaghetti Warehouse, may see a new owner and renovation.

    Spaghetti Warehouse closed its doors in February 2016 and had been the only tenant.

    The upper 4 floors had not been occupied in years and the entire structure became so dilapidated that the City of Oklahoma City threatened fines if it was not secured.

    Although Spaghetti Warehouse never gave a detailed explanation for their closure, photos taken by OKCTalk immediately after shut down showed rotten floors and various other issues that would likely impede future health inspections. Former employees told OKCTalk that the condition of the building and the needed repairs where primary factors in the closing.

    Recent photos of the 2nd floor ostensibly in 'better' condition than the levels above show buckled floors and generally poor overall conditions.

    The building has been owned by a large out of state real estate trust which over the last several years has refused offers from several potential buyers.

    However, OKCTalk has learned the building has recently gone under contract for sale to a group of local investors led by broker Don Hayes. The contract price is $3.8 million.

    Preliminary plans call for office or boutique hotel space on the upper floors with retail and restaurant use at ground level.

    A process is underway to secure financing and finish inspections but the new group is hopeful of getting control of the property and then starting a massive renovation project.

    As Bricktown and downtown boom all around, this building may finally be on track for full rejuvenation.

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