• Key Uptown corner to get new development

    The owners of Queens Beauty Supply at NW 23rd and Hudson have submitted plans construct a new brick structure complete with public art, murals and an outdoor patio.

    Plans submitted to the Urban Design Commission for 323 NW 23rd Street show the proposed building to have 3 tenant bays with a drive-thru serving the largest space; OKCTalk has learned that Dunkin' Donuts is the likely large tenant.

    To make room, a long narrow long-vacant building to the west of Queens Beauty will be demolished.

    As the property to be demolished and Queens Beauty share the same green metal mansard roof, the remaining business storefront is likely to receive a makeover as well.

    The plans also show the owners renovating the parking lot directly to the north which is directly across from Cheever's Cafe, one of the very first businesses to start the Uptown renaissance back in 2000.

    Since Cheever's opened, many badly maintained buildings along the former Route 66 stretch between I-235 and Classen have been renovated leaving the remainder more and more conspicuous.

    Significant renovations and additions to the Uptown 23rd District include The Rise, Guyutes, 23rd Street Courts, The Pump Bar, Pizzeria Gusto and Tower Theater. Projects in the planning or construction phases include Citizen's Bank, Joe's Pawn Shop and the Gold Dome.
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