• Escape games coming to Midtown

    Baker Street Escapes is under construction in the Swanson's Tire project and will provide Midtown with unique and themed problem-solving games.

    Local attorney Dan Arnett has long been fascinated by haunted houses, literature and puzzles and is the driving force behind the new venture which will be located between The Halls Pizza and Barrios restaurants in the complex.

    At opening, there will be three game themes available: 1) Sherlock Holmes; 2) J.R.R. Tolkien and 3) H.P. Lovecraft. A 4th will be added later and all will be steeped in story telling and literature.

    The object is to solve puzzles that will lead you through a plot and mystery in a totally immersive manner, complete with sophisticated sets and great attention to detail.

    Small and large groups can book the games which have been widely lauded for team-building aspects.

    The project will also feature a challenge for the single player: an authentic London phone booth in the lobby.

    Baker Street hopes to open in early January.

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