• A detailed look at the proposed Omni convention hotel

    On Wednesday, a committee charged with soliciting proposals for a convention hotel immediately north of the $288 million MAPS 3 convention center selected a team which proposed a 600-room Omni over another finalist that proposed a 600-room Marriott.

    On Tuesday, City Council will vote on a measure to proceed with the negotiation of approximately $85 million in public incentives for this project.

    The following is information from the two proposals submitted to the Alliance for Economic Development.
    [h=Omni Summary]2[/h]
    • 19-stories including 600 guestrooms
    • Typical size: 386sf
    • 50,112 sq. ft. of net indoor meeting space (excludes pre-function) including: 21,000 sq. ft. grand ballroom and 11,000 sq. ft. junior ballroom
    • 5 food & beverage outlets including: Fine dining, three-meal, entertainment bar/restaurant, coffee shop, and pool bar
    • Additional amenities including: Spa, fitness center and an oversized pool deck with views overlooking the new Downtown Public Park and downtown Oklahoma City

    Design Narrative
    Adjacent to the planned City of Oklahoma City Convention Center and Downtown Public Park, the new 600 room Omni Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel will be located at the intersection of Oklahoma City Boulevard and Robinson Avenue.

    The 2.8 acre hotel site is located immediately south of the existing Chesapeake Energy Arena and north off the planned Convention Center and east of the planned Downtown Public Park.

    The new Omni Hotel design:
    • Maximize connectivity to the Park by locating the major hotel public spaces – restaurant, coffee shop and lobby along Robinson Avenue
    • Further connectivity to the Park with an elevated landscaped pool deck above the meeting room level parallel to Robinson Avenue. Additional frontage along Oklahoma City Boulevard.
    • Maximize connectivity to the Arena by locating restaurant and retail along Oklahoma City Boulevard
    • Boulevard and an outdoor event pavilion further connects visually to the Arena.
    • Maximize connectivity to the Convention Center by placing the guestroom tower on the southern side of the site, allowing for a pedestrian plaza to connect the Hotel to the Convention Center
    • Activates the Robinson Avenue sidewalk with a landscaped plaza that includes outdoor dining and lounge zones
    • Provides dramatic views of the Park, Downtown and the Arena from fully glazed pre-function and circulation zones on the meeting floor
    • The architectural expression is intended to be compatible with the anticipated design of the Convention Center including: Curtainwall and window wall systems with insulated glazing; architectural precast concrete; operable windows/doors at the Robinson Avenue street level to connect the restaurants to the Park; enhanced accents of metal, stone, and wood at the pedestrian level
    • Above the meeting floor a dramatic pool terrace captures views of the City’s downtown towers, the Arena, and, most importantly, the Park and includes: A swimming pool constructed over the cast in place concrete structure; a pool deck with plaza deck pavers over an insulated, waterproofed concrete substructure; built in planters for trees and landscape elements; a multi-purpose outdoor pavilion; a pool bar and grille
    • The adjacent roofing of the ballrooms are visually enhanced with landscape, hardscape or screening elements

    [h=Marriott Images]2[/h]

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