• Bike pump track planned for Oklahoma River

    Plans have been submitted and work has already commenced for a new bike pump track facility near the Oklahoma River.

    The new track would be yet another activity for Riversport Rapids and Adventures and will join whitewater rafting, kayaking and tubing, zip lines, climbing walls, stand up paddle boarding and more near the Boathouse District.

    The track was designed by Velosolutions of Switzerland. The company is internationally recognized for similar facilities around the world. They have only installed two in the United States, including a recent facility in Brooklyn, New York.

    A pump track consists of a smooth asphalt riding surface with rollers and banked turns. It is suited for all ages and levels of ability and particularly attractive to mountain bikers and BMX riders. The more experienced and daring can jump from roller to roller and refine other maneuvers.

    The track will also welcome long-board riders and skateboaders, and wants to position itself as a “wheel park” rather than just a bike park.

    Mike Knopp of the Oklahoma Boathouse Foundation told OKCTalk that this will be yet another world-class facility for the river, which will fully compliment the many other elaborate attractions.

    Velosolutions is currently in Oklahoma City and performing work; the first asphalt will be going down very soon, with the facility formally opening in August.

    The project was largely funded by a federal grant and has also received private funding.

    Ultimately, the pump track will be covered under existing day passes that group the other river attractions, but Knopp said there would be a reasonable fee for those who want to bring their own bike and just ride the track.

    One unique feature electronic wiring under the riding surface that will connect to a chip on the rider/bike and an app for tracking times.

    The wiring also will position the facility for all types of future competitions. Knopp said they hope to bring in various championships down the line.

    The course is actually two mirrored courses that would allow two competitors to ride at the same time, or the two can be combined into one larger circuit.

    Already planned is Bike Fest in October with all types of activities, including demonstrations by professionals. There will also be various youth programs.

    Knopp sees this as the first step of a much larger plan to integrate more trails and bike attractions to the river and surrounding areas.

    Plans show the track directly north of the recently completed MAPS 3 whitewater facility and very near the new Oklahoma City Boulevard entrance.

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