• Pueblo @ Paseo gets redesigned but still moving forward

    After full engineering was done for the Pueblo @ Paseo, developer Jeremy Foraker quickly determined the original plan was not going to work well due to the significant slope of the property.

    There would simply be too much in the way of switch-back ramps, retaining walls and overall cost.

    An application recently submitted to the Urban Design Commission shows a re-worked layout by architect Sam Gresham, with parking pushed to the outside of the property but gaining an outdoor courtyard and many construction efficiencies.

    Buildiing A will be home to a coffer shop, Building B will feature two restaurants with bar and Building C will be divided into small spaces aimed at artists.

    Foraker is also set to break ground very soon at Via Paseo, which will be home to Frida, a new Mexican concept by Shaun Fiaconne of Picasso Cafe. Via Paseo will also feature office and event space, as well as a large patio for Frida.

    Foraker's third property in the immediate area, Market at Paseo, has recently recent significant renovations, as the entire district continues to improve and expand.

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