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  • Southside Target to close

    Employees have told OKCTalk that they were informed by management earlier this week that the Target at SW 44th & Western will close its doors in August.

    Last November, Target announced it would close 13 under-performing stores but no Oklahoma locations were on that list.

    Target has not made any official announcement about more closings but St. Louis papers have reported that a store in that area near the infamous Ferguson uprising will soon be shuttered as well.

    Headquartered in Minneapolis, Target Corporation (formerly know as Dayton Hudson) has been experimenting with different concepts, markets, and partnerships as it continues to do battle with the world's largest retailer, Walmart.

    After a unprofitable rapid expansion into Canada, in December of last year the company agreed to sell its pharmacy and clinic business to CVS for $1.9 billion.

    In the Oklahoma City area, Target pharmacy workers became CVS employees earlier this year and the pharmacy information systems have recently been completely switched from Target to CVS. CVS Pharmacy signage has recently gone up on the outside of the area's Target stores.

    The South Target opened in the early 70's and has been reconfigured and remodeled several times over its life.

    More than likely, Westlake will continue to operate in that space after Target shuts down this summer. The building and large parking lot -- but not the 3 outparcels along SW 44th -- are owned by Target Corporation.

    Directly to the north, a large Sears store built in 1965 continues to operate although many days there are merely handfuls of cars in a massive parking lot.
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