• Putnam Heights apartment house may become boutique hotel

    A group of local investors have filed plans to convert the historic 3-story apartment building at NW 38th and Classen into a boutique hotel.

    The 3-story structure was built in 1912 and was situated along the old streetcar line that run up Classen boulevard.

    Dubbed the Bradford House, plans call for new construction to the north and east of the apartment house which would allow for a total of 32 rooms.

    All parking would be valet, with some spaces on site and others at shared lots nearby.

    Meetings have been held with the surrounding residents to receive feedback on the possible impact on the surrounding historic neighborhood.

    The Planning Commission was told the reception as been generally positive and the commission itself expressed their pleasure for the effort to save and preserve the historic structure.

    Currently, the building includes 4 2-bed apartments in the main structure and a 1-bedroom unit above the detached garage.

    There is also a large open space on the 3rd floor which was formerly a ballroom.

    Final plans for the hotel will be submitted at a later date.

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