• Detailed look at Natural Grocers' plans for iconic Gold Dome

    As first reported in the Oklahoman here, Natural Grocers plans to open a new store in the iconic Gold Dome on the southeast corner of NW 23rd and Classen in the booming Uptown District.

    The building has been vacant for years and a recent renovation attempt by now-defunct TEEMCO left the geodesic external shell a dull, flat paint job.

    As part of this project, the dome itself would be restored to its metallic glory, the non-original drive thru lanes would be demolished, as would the teller stations and entire second level inside the round structure.

    The plans don't specifically address the unique interior ceiling and the presumption is that it will be left in tact.

    The site plan filed with the Urban Design Commission shows the possibility of adding more development on the south end of the property, likely another retailer or strip center for multiple tenants.

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