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  1. 9000 Broadway

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    I hate to keep bringing up DFW, but this looks to be a similar spec to the Flix, recently, opened in Little Elm. I like that OKC is getting these developments rather quickly. Shows how the area is viewed when companies are considering expansion into this region.
    Dang.... I remember when Little Elm was still a stretch from DFW..... haven't been that way in a couple of years, but it sounds like it has been swallowed into the metroplex.
  2. 2018 Oklahoma City Aviation Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by BG918 View Post
    Southwest announced that it will fly to 4 Hawaiian cities initially from 4 California gateways: OAK, SJC, SMF and SAN. They also plan inter-island flights. I wonder when Southwest will start flying to California from OKC and TUL? PHX and LAS are the further west they currently go.
  3. Higher Education and the Oklahoma State Budget

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    Then the state needs to dangle a big carrot of some kind to get school districts to consolidate. I know no law that says school districts can't consolidate. I doubt there is enough political will to pass a law to require school district consolidation. As long as very few to no schools would have to be closed, I don't see why it would be too bad of a deal.
  4. Pattywagon

    Quote Originally Posted by warreng88 View Post
    I have a good friend who is family friends with the owners family. She called me Monday to let me know that Bryce Musick, the founder and owner of Patty Wagon passed away this past weekend. He was 32 years old. He had been battling brain cancer for the past five years and had at least four surgeries that I knew of. I went to the restaurant today and it was still open. Not sure what they are going to do going forward.
  5. OSU Football 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by okatty View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by OKCisOK4me View Post
    I'm here to eat my words...we covered the spread. Still surprised at that..., special teams has a lot to work on before big game on FOX next Saturday.
    Covered, but it was all pokes wanted down 17 on different occasions. Big plays were huge in 4th. Now up, the first of the big 3 in Stillwater w TCU next sat.

    Watched ND Temple game and Herbie was pretty much bashing lack of defense in OSU tech game. As he put it "not a fan".
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